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Our program has been developed to encourage students to cope with everyday life issues. Students typically rise between 5:45 and 6:15 a.m. Devotions, Bible Reading, Chapels as well as discipleship training are essential activities of a typical day. Secondary education toward a GED is available and provided.

The daily schedule ensures structure for all students. Personal discipline and accountability are re-enforced to insure long-range success for them. Regularly scheduled group and personal study periods, work on a variety of community service activities, and sharing the three healthy meals provided, all fill the days which normally end between 10 and 10:30 p.m.

In the early phase of the program, several studies of the Teen Challenge curriculum and Group Studies for New Christians are taught. These cover many of the basic issues regarding discipleship, basic Christian living, and character development. All of our students become a part of a ministry choir which performs regularly at area churches.

In the latter phase, students are involved in more in-depth Bible study and issues basic to daily Christian living based on a Biblical worldview. The classes provide instruction on practical Christian living, intensive Bible studies, and the Christian's responsibility to the community.

Upon graduation, students are made aware of educational and ministry opportunities in their local community colleges and churches. Often a skill or trade has been learned and employment opportunities await our graduates. Pursuing higher education has obvious benefits for any individual. It is vital that the Church has a place for those in the after care process. Continuing involvement in the local church is critical to the on-going development of any believer, especially those who have come through the battleground of addiction.

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Affordable Recovery for Adults with Life-Controlling Issues...PUTTING HOPE WITHIN REACH

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