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Make An Impact

  • When you sponsor a student you are helping restore families.

  • One important aspect is your faithful prayer for your student.

  • You will receive updates about your students progress.

  • Your monthly gift supports the recovery and discipleship of your student.

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Sponsor A Student

Students often come into Adult & Teen Challenge Dallas with little or no hope in life. They have burned every bridge and lost almost everything due to drug and alcohol abuse. Many students have limited outside help supporting them during this crisis; therefore, we do not charge a monthly tuition. In fact, 8 out of 10 students lack funding to finish the program. If you would like to help offset these costs, you can sponsor a student for as little as $35 a month or $420 a year. Your sponsorship means that they have someone who cares and is invested in their success!

Why Sponsor A Student?

By sponsoring a student this will allow you to make a lasting eternal impact on their lives. You will have the opportunity to write letters to your student, and encourage them by sending care packages. Many students depend on their sponsors prayers and encouragement to successfully complete the program. Another amazing benefit of being a sponsor, is that you will receive a personal invitation to attend their Graduation Ceremony.

Christian, Economical, and Effective

Affordable Recovery for Adults with Life-Controlling Issues...PUTTING HOPE WITHIN REACH

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